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Recruitment Update!

21.08.2018 - I've added a recruitment banner to the top of the home page. We are currently hiring carers, so if you know someone who enjoys caring for others, is dedicated and trustworthy, point them in our direction!

Policy Updates!

15.03.2018 - I've revamped the Core Policies section of the web site. Flashplayer is no longer needed to view the files. They can be downloaded to read online in a new window or saved by the user to their device.


Click on the button below to visit the Core Policies page.

Facelift 2018!

14.03.2018 -  customhomecare.org is currently undergoing a bit of a facelift. I'm giving the site a cleaner layout and am improving some of the graphics and navigation. I will be removing the need for Flashplayer. This will make it a lot easier to read core policies and download documentation.


Have a browse around to see what's changed!


I have also archived old updates. They are available by clicking on the bullet pointed item in the menu.



A powerpoint presentation introducing Custom Home Care Ltd. The video is mostly large text and images. Please Watch Our Information Video

Custom Home Care Ltd.

560 City Road

Norfolk Park


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Phone: 0114 275 9703


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