There is a bus stop directly opposite our offices next to the cemetery if you are coming from town, or in front of the petrol station if you are coming from Manor Top.

Bus No.'s include: 41, 42, 44, 49, 50, 53 and 120.

We are located on City Road opposite the cemetery just down from the service station. There is some on road parking or you can contact the office to gain entry through the security gates if spaces are available.

The closest tram stop is at Spring Lane and is serviced by the Blue and Purple routes.

Bus and Tram stop locations for Custom Home Care Ltd.
A powerpoint presentation introducing Custom Home Care Ltd. The video is mostly large text and images. Please Watch Our Information Video

Custom Home Care Ltd.

560 City Road

Norfolk Park


S2 1GE

Phone: 0114 275 9703

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