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Custom Home Care Ltd. has a team of competent, committed and experienced Directors. Allow us to introduce them to you on this page.

Stephen Ellis

Chief Executive Officer


Steve conceived the idea of Custom Home Care Ltd. when his mother required more help to remain independent at home. Steve is an established company director with over twenty years' experience in competitive business management (Autotronix) and quality bespoke customer service. With his expertise prized in the Sheffield area, Steve possesses the strength of business knowledge and a solid understanding of what makes a company flourish. 


To help him build his vision, Steve has gathered experienced individuals from the care and business sectors who share his enthusiasm for creating a caring, client focused domiciliary care company. 


Steve wants to shake up the industry and make sure the client is truly put first by developing new strategies in domiciliary care and the way in which a typical domiciliary care business is run. 

Sarah Maxfield

Registered Manager


Sarah has over 25 years' experience in the care industry, much of which has been in a managerial role. Sarah's expertise lies in special needs care, however she is proficient in many areas, including:


  • dementia care
  • moving and handling
  • continence care
  • health and safety
  • safeguarding of vulnerable adults
  • fire safety
  • support with medication
  • emergency first aid
  • infection prevention
  • safe food handling
  • end of life care
  • PEG care


She has achieved an NVQ Level 5 in Leadership in Health and Social Care as well as other qualifications relating to her speciality.


Sarah has had the opportunity to work her way up through the various areas of domicilairy care, from full time care in the field to co-ordination and then management. Because of this, she is able to see a care company from all perspectives, which allows her to put herself in other's shoes and understand their concerns with greater empathy. This in turn, better serves both staff and clients. 


Sarah believes in an holistic approach to care that is person centred, and brings about the best possible outcomes for clients by working in conjunction with Social Services and other professional bodies. She also believes it is essential to encourage staff in self development. This not only assists in supporting clients to live independently in their own home through staff training, but grows self esteem in staff members, and creates a more cohesive workforce that enhances the level of care we provide.


Sarah is pleased and proud to be able to offer her skills to our company, and looks forward to future expansion so we can make an even bigger difference in the lives of those who need care.

Katia Davis

Administrative Manager


Katia was first approached by her cousin, Steve, in May 2014 when her Aunt needed help at home. Being a successful businessman, and wanting the best for his mother, Steve felt if they put their heads together they could develop a domiciliary care company to benefit people in the same situation as his mother. 


Katia has worked in the business administration field for over 13 years and holds an NVQ Level 3 in Business & Administration as well as an Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Business & Administration in the Business Skills Sector. She also holds a BA (Hons I) from the University of Sydney, Australia.


With many years experience in customer service, and excellent organisational abilities (some would argue obsessively so!), Katia is well suited to creating and developing a business.


Having been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in her mid 20s and now 42, she has a personal understanding of the difficulties and frustrations involved with not being able to do some of the simple day to day activities most people take for granted. Katia is excited about offering a well structured and caring domiciliary service. 

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